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"By focusing on the lockout, a time of unusually raw and open emotion, [The Lockout] cleverly presents emotional dilemmas that are in some ways closer to how the NBA really works than what's on the cover of the sports page."

-Henry Abbot, Senior writer for

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The Chicago Tribune

"Giving Chicago's credentials as a sports town and a theater town, this new rock musical may already be a point ahead."

-Doug George, The Chicago Tribune

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A Surprisingly Good Musical About the NBA

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Lord Lloyd Webber himself, had he stumbled into a grim session between David Stern, Billy Hunter, Derek Fisher and the rest, wouldn’t have sniffed the inspiration for a musical comedy. So what were Ben Fort and Jason Gallagher thinking when they veered into hoops labor strife with a story they already had been writing?

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NBC Sports

You don’t have to wait until 2017 (when both sides can opt out of the current CBA, likely will and you can expect a lockout again) — a musical based on the joys of millionaires and billionaires arguing over how to divide up the fans’ money in 2011 hits the stage in Chicago next week.

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Yahoo! Sports

Creativity in action!

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Chicago Theater Beat

I was impressed by Fort and Gallagher’s innovative development of a musical truly dedicated to a moment in sport’s history. And of course, I’m a sucker for a good bromance.

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The Examiner

The cast operates with a cohesion most basketball teams can only hope to achieve, and the result is a show with heart bigger than its performance space.

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NPR's Mike Pesca

I like this musical so much.  It gets all the basketball details right.  It's a really well done show.  A very charming work.

The Lockout: A Musical on ESPN's "Around the Horn