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Getting Involved

When forming Six Hours Short, we decided to make it a for-profit business. Why? Because we don't want to just take money from our financial supporters- we want them to enjoy our success. There are still opportunities to partner with us for The Lockout: A Musical, in the form of business sponsorship as well as investment. 

We're looking for sponsors for The Lockout's in-show sports network, PSEN. Your business will be name-dropped in a PSEN segment, letting the young Chicago audience you're in on the fun. For example:

Donna jingles keys to the beat.

What is that jingle-jangle?

The [sponsor] keys to the game. Let’s check in with former 
NBA player Dan “Danimal” Reed- Danimal, what are the 
[sponsor] keys to the game for the Water?

For more on sponsorship opportunities, or for information on investing, contact